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To cancel an account, you’ll need to be an Admin; if you don’t have this, then you need to locate the person in your organization who has it. With admin status you can activate, deactivate and delete existing accounts or even create a new one. To cancel your account go to Settings > Users page and select the account that you’d like to manage.

If you are the admin then the answer is YES., You can change your price plan at any time, and changes will be shown on the next billing cycle (the first day of the month).

We support online credit card payments (Visa, MasterCard, American Express (AMEX) and Diners Club). For any other payment types please contact

ResourceFlex comes out-of-the-box with 4 Predefined Roles, but you can always add additional roles and manage (change?) the access right of all existing roles except the Admin role. This feature is available at Settings > Roles menu item. Below is a list and short description of the access rights of the predefined roles:
  • Admin – this role provides users with full access to everything in the system. Users with this status can create, manage and delete everything.
  • Project Manager – this role provides users with full access to the resources (users with role employee) so that they can book resources for some period of time or allocate resources on the project where they are assigned as project manager.
  • Office Manager - this role provides users with full access to the Bank holiday records and day-off (absence?) records, allowing them to create, manage, approve/reject them or even delete them. Office manager status provides the user with access to all employee, employment and contract information so that they can create new resources in the resource pool or manage the information of existing resources.
  • Employee - this role provides users with full access to allocations on which they are assigned and on the day-off (absence?)requests that are created from them or for them. Each user who has some of the previous roles will have the same access rights as the Employee role, meaning that even Project Managers and Office assistants can see their allocations and are able to request a day off.

Yes. All employees can access ResourceFlex, and according to their role they can access different information, as described in the answer above.

No. The booking feature is intended to provide assistance with resource planning for projects that are in the pipeline such as sales leads, team events or workshops that haven’t yet been confirmed. On the other hand allocation is a confirmed assignment of one resource on an existing project for a given period of time. There is no direct dependency between booking and allocation, but if a resource has been assigned to an event or project then you will at least be aware of it to aid your own resource planning.

Simply navigate to Settings > Users page and find the account that you are managing. Each user or resource can be activated/deactivated. When a user is deactivated they will not be available for booking and allocation, and won’t appear in the Gantt view.

Yes. All bank holidays, company events and other milestones where resources can’t be booked or allocated can be managed by navigating to the Bank holiday menu in the Settings menu. Here you can create, edit, manage and list (view?) all holidays across a 52 week period.

All active employees can submit annual leave requests by navigating to the ‘My Days off’ menu from the ‘My Profile’ menu. If the request is submitted, but not approved then the request can be cancelled. On the other hand, a manager will receive an approval request each time that someone creates an annual leave request. When the manager approves or declines this request the employee will be notified via e-mail and the information stored to their profile.

Whenever you need to book or allocate resource where a specific skill set is required this can be done by opening the Gantt view and filtering your resources by project or department. Employees’ skill sets are listed as small tags under their names.

This is really easy. All conflicts (over-allocations) are detailed in the Gantt view. Conflicted allocations are listed by resource and appear on a daily view and can be navigated to from the allocation menu. Clicking on ‘Resolve’ allows you to view the conflicted activities which you can modify and resolve in real-time.

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