Privacy Policy

More precisely, this Privacy Policy explains how we, ITGMA DOO Skopje, company for computer programming and consulting services, collect, process and in which cases we may disclose personal data, all in relation to and in accordance with your use of the service which you access through

The personal data we collect and how we process it

The data that we process is provided by you directly and voluntarily, when registering the user profile you open for the account of the Company/Organization you work for and/or when you have been assigned an account/subaccount as a registered user for the purpose of using the Service.

The reason why we process personal data

We process your personal data solely to provide you with a service that is an online tool for organizing the company resources, through the platform The data we require is necessary to enable us to provide the service.

We collect personal data that you voluntarily share with us and that is needed so that you can register to use the service.

In addition to the data you share voluntarily, we collect data automatically as well (through cookies) when you visit the page, and every time you use the service.

The data collected by using cookies does not include collection of your content or data generated by you.

For more information on the processing of data collected automatically with the use of cookies, please read the Cookies Policy where besides information on the type of cookies we use, their functionality and the data they collect, you can choose which cookies to be disabled, and which cookies to remain in operation.

Cookies that do not affect the uninterrupted provision of service are automatically disabled, unless you decide otherwise.

Please read the Policy carefully and decide which optional cookies you want to use.

Personal data you provide directly

In order to register to use the service, you need to enter solely the data that we consider to be necessary to provide the service.

When registering for, depending on the profile you create, you must provide the data that is required.

If you are creating a profile for your company for the first time, you will be required to enter the following personal data:

  • Name and surname
  • Your email address
  • The company you work for
  • Job position
  • Phone Number
  • Country

If you are creating your profile as an Authorized user, through a link sent to your business email, you will need to enter the following data:

  • Name and surname
  • E-mail Address

We request this data solely for the purpose of providing the service: online tool for organizing and managing resources.

When you sign up through, and create personal profile, you will be able to access, update and/or modify your personal data at any time.

In addition to the above listed data, when required, we may use the IP address from which you access the service, as well as other data to detect you geographical location or the device from which the platform content is accessed or created, only when this is necessary and mandatory in accordance with the legal regulations.

Direct marketing

If you voluntarily wish to subscribe via, to receive promotions, notifications and advantages of using the service, you may do so by subscribing to receive Newsletters and/or Notifications that are electronically sent by ITgma.

This subscription is free, and you can subscribe to it by entering your email address in the “subscribe” field. After entering the email address, you will receive a message to confirm the subscription by clicking on the confirmation link. This option is not dependant on the service, and you can subscribe even if you are not User of the service.

Your consent to receive Newsletters and/or Notifications can be withdrawn at any time:

  • by using the appropriate link (for opt-out) in the content of the received Newsletter and/or Notification or by calling the following phone number: +389 2 32 20 439
  • by using the options available through the User account, by changing the option for receiving Newsletters and/or Notifications
  • by contacting ITgma contact person, by using the tools on the Customer Contact page, without any additional obligations between the parties

Canceling the subscription to receive Newsletters and/or Notifications does not imply cancelation of the Service use.

In terms of the content of the Newsletters and/or Notifications, ITgma shall not include any other advertising material in a content form that refers to any third party that is not ITgma partner.

Other personal data you provide directly

You may also provide us with Personal data when using certain features of the Service, such as participating in conversations or surveys, your own comments you post, when contacting us with questions or when answering our surveys. Participation is not compulsory.

This data is collected exclusively for statistics and marketing purposes, in order to improve the service we offer through

In some cases, when posting comments on service assessment, your name may be published along the comment you leave. If you wish for your name or comment not to be displayed any longer under the product, you can contact us via to have it deleted.

Personal data and information we collect automatically

Information on your use of the service.

Our servers automatically register your every visit and login to the page. Like all other website servers, contains a log that records the date, time, browser (e.g. Explorer, Chrome… etc), the type of device, the operating system and the IP address of origin, as well as the content created by you.

Personal data automatically collected by third parties

The site contains cookies set by third party, as a tool for using site analytics. These cookies are designed to help us analyze how people use our site/service and how they reach the site.

For more information on the collection and processing of data through automatic collection with cookies, please read the Cookies Policy.

How we use personal data

ITgma uses the data exclusively for the purposes for which it was initially collected, or for your use of the Service and for providing the service via the website:

Except for ITgma, the access to your data is granted solely to you and the people in your company who provided you with the access to the service.

ITgma does not disclose personal data to third parties, for purposes other than those for which the data have been collected originally.

ITgma may disclose data only to third parties with the capacity of personal data processors (acting as consultants engaged by ITgma for performing certain tasks on our behalf and under our instructions), who need to have access to the data within reasonable limits and within the entrusted authorizations and for no other purposes.

Such processors must comply with the confidentiality obligations, data protection regulations and have the same level of personal data protection as set out in this Policy.

In addition, it should be taken into consideration that ITgma might be required to disclose personal data upon request by state authorities, except in cases provided for by applicable legal regulations.

Special category of personal data.

When you use the service, ITgma does not collect, process, request, monitor or automatically collect and process any special category of personal data.

Data Storage and Transfer

For better and full protection, the Company uses cloud-based backup system for creating and storing copies, on servers located in Austria that are fully compliant to applicable regulations and the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

Data Update and Security

ITgma provides reasonable measures to enable proper and timely data update

As part of our data security measures, it is mandatory to set up a proper password for your user profile. Namely, you will be asked to have a password consisting of at least 8 characters, one of which must be a capital letter, special sign and a number.

In addition, if a wrong password is entered in your profile three (3) times in a row, it will be automatically put out of use, and an email with automatically generated temporary password will be send to your email connected to the user profile, so that you can generate new password and login again.

If your account is inactive for a period of fifteen (15) minutes, you will be automatically signed out.

ITgma implements security measures for physical and technical protection of data against loss, destruction and unauthorized access or disclosure.

In the event of any incident in which your personal data might be compromised, ITgma will immediately inform you thereof, in the manner and under the conditions as determined by applicable laws.

Personal responsibility regarding personal data

We advise you that besides the security measures taken by us, you still need to be careful when logging in and working with the tool by logging out every time you stop working with the tool.

It is also important that you keep your password secret and don’t reveal it to anybody


Right to information, access and change of data

As a Personal Data Entity, you have the right to access your personal data, as well as the right to request correction, change and/or deletion of any data that is incorrect and/or obsolete, as allowed in accordance with the applicable laws.

However, we advise you to do the same yourself at any time, through your personal user profile or contact us by email: We will respond to any request in timely manner and in accordance with applicable law.

When updating your personal data, as User you are obliged to provide true, complete and accurate information.

Right to raise an objection

The user has the absolute right at any time to object to the direct marketing option and request that no more notifications, emails and notices are send to him/her. If the User no longer wishes to receive any notifications, email or notices, he/she may use the opt-out option to be deleted from further use of the information receipt service.

For complaints about remaining data processing, ITgma will stop processing only if it is in accordance with the legal requirements.

Right to delete data (Right to be forgotten)

You may request, at any time, the data we collect from you and process to be deleted.

We will only act upon your request if it is compliant to the applicable laws, that is, we will act to the extend allowed under the Service Use Agreement.

Method of notification in case of policy changes

Changes in the Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy may be subject to certain changes from time to time, in accordance with applicable personal data protection regulations. ITgma will notify the Users of any changes to the handling of the personal data collected previously, and will give the users opportunity to choose whether they want to continue to use the service.