Cookie Policy

The site uses cookies (hereinafter: the site).

Cookies are used to enable the service provided through the site, and to improve the service and/or better match the service to your needs.

Types of cookies we use

The cookies we use are divided in 3 groups of cookies:

  • strictly-mandatory cookies that track the service; without the use of these cookies the service would not function and therefore they cannot be disabled
  • mandatory cookies that track certain segments of the service
  • useful cookies that improve the functionality of the service, which you can independently choose whether to be enabled or disabled when using the service

Consent by the Visitor and/or User of the site

Cookies that are not strictly mandatory require the Visitor or the User to give consent, or to agree to their use in accordance with their function, when using the service.

With each visit to the site by the User, only the strictly mandatory and the mandatory cookies are enabled, without which the service cannot be provided, while the other cookies can be enabled by the User.

By independently enabling the cookies that are not strictly-mandatory and mandatory, by the User, as well as by selecting or enabling the option to remember the selection at the next visit, the User is deemed to have given the necessary consent.

Below is a description of the cookies enabled when using the web application Resourceflex, their function, and the option for the User to enable independently the cookies that are not strictly-mandatory or mandatory: