Powerful. Flexible. Easy to use.

Comprehensive, intuitive and effective resource planning tool

Real time indicators where resource is under or over-booked.
Plan and book resources ahead of time.
Holiday planning corresponds with resource availability.
Cross-project and cross-client resource allocation/re-allocation.
Allocation notifications are delivered straight to your inbox.

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Efficient scheduling

No overlaps and conflicts
Resource booking projects before they are actually confirmed.
Accurate allocation is enabled by our conflict resolution engine.
Resource booking with probability indicators.
Company and resource calendars.

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High visibility

Report on resource utilization and allocation by technology, department or client
Resource allocation is centralized across all departments.
Real time information on resource availability, improving efficiency and productivity across your business.

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Simple to use

Modern and intuitive web application

Modern and intuitive web-based application.
No software installations required.
Intuitive and easy-to-use user interface.

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Encrypted, backed-up data security increased by SSL encryption.

Encrypted, backed-up data security increased by SSL encryption.
Different user levels, roles and privileges.
Regular back-up of the data storage.

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